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Ayaman Abbas gave 5 starts on

Car Dealsbroker fastest car selling point in Abu Dhabi

CarDealsBroker, first online advancing stage for the offering of used and hurt Cars and Motorcycles. People can offer and request new or used cars, cruisers, spare parts, and ornamentation. Furthermore, they can expand full access to Garages, Technicians, Electricians, Recovery Cars, and other related organizations close-by.

Bruce Wayne gave 5 starts on


Altin Alti gave 5 starts on

Real deal Website

I unlocked my Galaxy S9 in a few minutes with clear instructions, great website!

Bruce Wayne gave 5 starts on

عقارات للبيع - شقق للبيع في دبي - فلل للبيع في دبي

good service in real estate properties

khoa chung gave 1 starts on

Dreadful Personal Experience with

Original review, as seen on Trustpilot

I had bought two bottles of colognes from in early September. They were tester bottles of Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Extreme, and Acqua di Gio Profumo.

I only received the AdG Profumo when the package arrived. I contacted their customer service by email and was refunded in full for the V&R tester bottle.
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On the other hand, and to my dismay, I discovered that the AdG Profumo bottle I received was a fake. There were many giveaways, but the most damning was that AdG does not make 100 mL bottles of Profumo, yet this bottle came in 100 mL size.

Unfortunately, when I re-contacted several more times with photo and video evidence, there was no reply on their end. I lost £54.51 because I wanted to cheap out on ~£10. I chose to overlook the multitude of negative customer feedback for a supposed "good deal".

I can only express my severe disappointment in the company's shameful and thieving practice. Their silence only serves to substantiate my claim of their deliberate dishonesty, and illegal peddling of counterfeit.

I have shared my story so people will know and steer clear from this crooked company. Give yourself peace of mind and save yourself the hassle, spend the extra £10, and go for verified online retailers.
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Bart Luff gave 1 starts on

Scam, charged my credit card

I have no idea what is all about except invoking anger for unsubstantiated charges to credit cards,$2.95 in my case.

Bruce Wayne gave 4 starts on


lily elice gave 5 starts on

Fast delivery !!!

It only spend about five minutes to get my rs gold here.

Frank James gave 2 starts on

Complete Scam!

Scam!! Phone# disconnected. NYC is fictitious. Orders never delivered —- They just take your credit card info, Sell it or use it maliciously. Check future orders on your card & advise to your card company.

Samiloni Mery gave 5 starts on

Awesome experience

BetFame and it’s soccer tipsters earned my trust. Been following with 13 tipsters and getting handsome profits since last year.

Samuwel J Melton gave 5 starts on

5 star

Good website. 5 star rating for soccer betting tips

Veronika Driga gave 5 starts on

Аренда спецтехники

Отличный сайт, очень удобный и понятный интерфейс. Недорогая аренда спецтехники в Москве и Московской области

Bruce Wayne gave 5 starts on

English courses in Dubai - Learn English - Learn Business English


Berlitz UAE gave 4 starts on

Best English speaking course,Learn English speaking, english language courses in Dubai

best Learn Business English Spoken English classes in Dubai, UAE

A B gave 1 starts on


Company takes your money and fails to deliver on the followers promised and then refuses to refund the payment. Company support maintains continuous loop of lies of attempting to re-deliver the followers and fails to do so.

Liza Korel gave 5 starts on

pretty nice shop, order during few years from them

Veronika Driga gave 5 starts on

Информационный сайт про ТО

Отличный и полезный сайт, все о прохождении ТО в России

Veronika Driga gave 5 starts on

Пройти ТО онлайн

Пройти ТО онлайн и оформить диагностическую карту для ОСАГО за 5 минут. Отличный проверенный ресурс

Brian Whitfield gave 5 starts on

Trust this site for receiving Canada pardons

When you wish to apply for Canada pardons, trust for an invaluable support they provide all through. They are experts in this field having helped thousands to secure pardons the easy way at an affordable spending with minimum hassles.