What is WebsiteDiscuss?

WebsiteDiscuss is the global community for discussing on every online businesses and websites. The community helps you to have all the information you need to make informed decisions about the online businesses and websites you use. You can easily check which one is a scam or legit website.

"Our goal is to help everyone stay safe online, avoid scam and fraud, and make the internet a better place."

What can WebsiteDiscuss Do for Me?

  • You can easily check the reputation of the website and business
  • You can check which one is a scam or legit
  • You can check its safety status
  • You can see how popular it is in the online world
  • You can read reviews and discussions about its products and services

What can I Contribute to the Community?

You are encouraged to share your first hand experiences about the website / business you have ever used with the community.

  • You can submit reviews
  • You can report scams and frauds
  • You can submit complaints
  • You can join the discussions
  • You can ask questions that you have in your mind
  • You can vote, recommend as well as flagging inappropriate comments

Why and How to Vote a Comment?

Voting is very important to our model of providing quality contents.
You can vote for the comments by clicking up-vote or down-vote button below the each comment.

  • Good comment rises to the top
  • Incorrect comment falls to the bottom

Why and How to Recommend Discussion?

You can recommend discussion on any website / business by click Recommend button at the top left of the comment form.
The more number of recommend, the more discussion will be.

Why and How to Flag a Comment?

Flagging a comment tells a site moderator that a comment requires moderator attention.
You can flag a comment by clicking its flag icon or link.

Comments should be flagged for:

  • Spamming
  • Violating a site's commenting policy
  • Being clearly unrelated
  • Attacking other commenters personally

Comments should not be flagged for:

  • Disagreeing with the content
  • Disputing with other commenters