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I have tried to leave a review on trust pilot and trusted reviews. At the moment the company keep attempting to block my reviews based on them being 'abuse'. I can assure you, I am not the type of person who trolls or looks to defame a company. I am simply trying to leave an honest review about a company that has scammed me.

This company sent me a perfum
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e that, other than the external box it came in, lacks any features that are seen on a Chanel Gabrielle perfume bottle bought elsewhere in the world. I hope that my trustpilot will be authorised soon which details the features that have concerned me.

The most frustrating thing with is that after initially emailing them I received a response about returning the item (it was copied and pasted from the terms and conditions from their website) but when I responded to this email to challenge the need for returning the item and included photographs of the issues that led me to request a refund, they began to ignore me. I emailed four times, tried them on twitter but have been blocked by them, and rang them three times with no response.

This company does not value the customer. On receiving photographs from me they will have seen that the item they sent me did not match the description and a refund ought to have been issued. At the very least they could have engaged in a dialogue with me to resolve this but they have not. Please be vary wary of using this company.
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Published Thursday 27 September 2018

Beauty World

Beauty World provides the highest quality distribution service to retail customers. Our selection, service, and state of the art technology make us the industry's full service one stop shop for all your needs.

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