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Published Wednesday 01 August 2018
Site looks like foreign spam/click bait.
Site now points to, "". I'm not surprised that something had been moved or changed. This Pakistani site's purpose seems to be trying to trick people into looking at or clicking on spam by acting like a recruiter, or data mining: sometimes there's a link to the employer's careers section at the bottom of each company they post about. Few North American peo
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ple would use such a site to learn about US based companies. There's a lot of random unrelated links within that are annoying to shuffle through, and half of the description is the same for most every company they post about, useless filler: "balance of work/life is encouraged", etc. Jobs appear to be broken up by category, but they all point to the same general careers section. They use text in photos to evade spam filters. Use of the English language is poor, and people will accomplish more just by doing regular searches. Noticed that they finally got booted off of LinkedIn, along with "Uptodatejobs". "Career Tracing" is still active. Use only to learn about company names who might employ people in your field, then research them yourself. I found "United Airline" and "Intel Inside" used as company names. I found Kmart: they have been bankrupt for a long time.
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Published Saturday 28 July 2018

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